Bowral Driving School, the best driver training in the Highlands


This is Bowral Driving School, the best Learner Driver Trainer, Tim Clarke

"Beware of impostors" who like to use the name Bowral, and Bowral Mittagong

 and Bowral training Yes This is Bowral, the Learner Driver Trainer, Tim Clarke

When you look for Bowral, the original Bowral Driving School

, "Look for Tim Clarke" and you wont blow your $$$

Enjoy the driving tour with Tim Clarke, you may see yourself or someone you know

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 new exciting promotion to celebrate Beauty Care in Mittagong & Bowral

There is only one Bowral Driving School, which was established 41 years ago

The need for a driving school in Bowral was a vision realized when long

 before roundabouts were being introduced in the Southern Highlands by by the Wingecarribee Council

Re-branding an existing business of the same type of service is not only silly but

 destroys the credibility of what you are trying to achieve

When you are proud of your integrity and can provide a service on the merit of 

your own achievement you may be recognized as a legitimate honest operator 

Tim Clarke from Tahmoor is a keen driving instructor with a  vast knowledge of road transport

Tim started his development of driver education in 1975 with

 Tahmoor Driving School and has expanded with  the introduction of  Bowral and Mittagong 

 Picton and Wollondilly is also part of 42 years of successful business

 Keeping the price to a low reasonable cost is important to families 

 and providing extra time at no further cost is brilliant.

 You drive for one hour & fifteen minutes minimum non stop except for a Mack Donald snack with no time

 wasting sitting by the side of the road

 Tim does not conduct lessons by constantly driving on the test course, a learner

 needs to learn in all conditions and locations

Celebrating 42 year years of seeing temporary instructors having to find a job stacking shelves

So who do you call if Tim is unable to fit you in for a lesson, well Jerry from Jerry's Driving School is highly recommend

 Jerry is a professional instructor and he has gained his edibility in the Southern Highlands and 

surrounding areas like Moss vale & Hill Top and will also cater for recommended

 appointments further afield ' word of mouth"  Contact Jerry   Phone: 4871-1057

Add to the highly recommended learn to drive professionals is Highlands Drive Safe:                 Phone: 0428-844473   

This driving school is owner operated by Sue & Murray who conduct the Safer Drivers

 Course for  20 Hours off your logbook Twice per month 2017 Midweek and weekend courses

Beauty And The Beast Competition   From 1th of January 2017 to December 2017 Click HERE to enter

You can win ($100) One Hundred Dollars Cash. If you do not see your picture displayed you can

send me a picture to enter in the competition   State your Name and your License Number to:  

You are eligible once you have taken a driving lesson with Tim at the present time or year or as far back as 1975

Don’t miss out send a nice picture

Driving School Bowral - NRMA Safer Driving School Insurance        

        When someone close to you departs to the spirit world learn how to connect

Bowral Driving School             
Very important NOTICE: Students who do not notify:to cancel or change a  lesson
on two occasions  will not be accepted to book another lesson Outstanding payments grace
period is 5 days: your account will be terminated and  no further transaction
will be conducted: Tim Clarke  
For the  people of the Southern Highlands 'SEE THE RACE DRIVER'
                                                            We charge $42 in your own car or the school car for One Hour & 30 minute lesson, for the first 4 lessons                                              
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