Tim Clarke's Bowral Driving School doing it right

This is Tim Clarke: 

NOTICE  At this time we are  not taking new appointments until 14rh November 2022

Keep Monitoring this Web site for up up to date information

Celebrating 49 years Imparting knowledge

 What is the cost of driving lessons              For parents it's a daunting task to

select a good honest driving instructor

The most reliable way to find the best is to

Ask your friends, work friends, social friends

Defiantly not  Facebook

Doggy operators can manipulate favorable results on the web

It is not the cheapest or the more expensive that sets the bench mark

It is the value of instruction and the task achieved within the time that matter's

It is not the car that matters

Good attitude by everyone concerned is vital

Set yourself a task of one lesson and do not

get talked into booking package deals or paying in advance

Will you be prepared for your Driving Test
                   Tim will be booked for more than 3 weeks ahead,
  What are you going to do do about it? 
             This is for  BOWRAL Mittagong, Picton, Wollondilly,

                                                                Irish Luck, Ten Little Driving Schools

Taking care of you, Tim is the best

                     Congratulations for choosing the best service

     Mistakes made by students Or become the Driver With No Brain

1.      When contacting our driving school and you address your introduction as ‘HEY Mate’

                             You will not get a esponse

2      You send a text without adding your name & location You will not get a esponse

3      As a student with a polite attitude and respect for others you should do well

4.      Tim has no time for anyone with a bad attitude, as it’s the playground for the BULLY

5      Every day on the roads the bully displays their mannerism and cause accidents

6     To cancel a lesson because it is raining is neglecting a serious responsibility to be a safe driver. Without this practice you are likely to have or cause an accident. You have only one life

7      Compare what friends tell you about driving is taking your attention off what is correct

Beware of impostors" who
like to use my Business Name 
NOTICE: ...If you do not show on two occasions Your future appointments will be forfeited (cancelled)
and no further appointments will be accepted

See my new Web Site Irish Luck

Enjoy the driving tour with Tim Clarke,

You may see yourself or someone you know

            Bowral was a vision realized when long   before roundabouts were being introduced

in the Southern Highlands by by the Wingecarribee Council

Tim Clarke from Tahmoor is keen to impart his skill

with a  vast knowledge of road transport Tim started his development of education in 1975

 and has expanded with the introduction of Tim's Advisory Service

      Picton and Wollondilly is also part of 48 years of successful business

 Keeping the price to a low reasonable cost is important to

families & low income earners, with no time wasting


When someone close to you departs to The spirit world learn how to connect HERE


                 For the  people in the the Southern Highlands 

                       'SEE THE RACE DRIVER' former learner driver with Tim, now race driver                                                                           

Helping parents with the cost $60 for 1.30 min

 $100 for 2 hour 
On the day of your Test 3 hour $180
Driving School Automatic Car $60 No Manual
Your Automatic or Manual sane cost
No Ute service * No 4 x4 Service 
No SUV Service
 No service with a vehicle which does not have a standard hand brake


 e-mail: lbt@australiamail.com