Tim's Advisory Service

Tim Clarke The Bowral Legend Instructor

We are good at what we do! and we do not have to pretend by using Bowral Mittagong.

The owner of Bowral & Mittagong operates from Tahmoor for the past 42 years, some people need to get a life and grow up and learn how to be a business person, not a leech

My driving instruction & history is a legend of experience

The student learner will benefit by adopting the correct attitude

The company you keep is the type you are and to better your attitude it is important to keep company with people who know more than you

Would you enjoy having a meal with a rude person with a bad attitude?

Would you like to be a passenger with a rude person driving with a bad attitude?

 Wouldn’t it be nice if the person driving in the roundabout gave a signal when leaving instead of misleading you with a right signal? $180 fine & 2 points

You do not have the right to enter the roundabout if a vehicle in the roundabout has a right signal flashing

Wouldn’t it be nice if you adopted a good attitude and demonstrate to other road users the correct use of signal in a roundabout?

Isn’t it strange that drivers cannot distinguish the difference of turning left and going straight?

This is all the more reason why parents need to take a driving lesson to improve their knowledge and impart the correct information and driving management to their learning family member

It is amazing how much we do not know we don’t know