Tim's Advisory Service

Andy Harris, the young man with the right attitude from Hill Top is sweeping the racetrack with
his Mazda MX5 race car just two years after passing
his driving test at Mittagong with Tim Clarke from Mittagong Driving School.
Andy has  achieved to be the fastest non turbo at Mount Panamara
Andy was one of the five champion drivers of the year with Bowral Mittagong Driving School and has
gained respect to become the top driver at Wake Field Park Raceway and Bathurst
Now a seasoned veteran driver Andy has teaming up with Michael Hall for
the Australian Endurance Championship, and it gets better for Andy who has the
right attitude to succeed being the most consistent non contact driver on the
track with drivers grater his age and years of experience 
 Andy is preparing his Mazda MX5 with an upgrade engine to challenge the
round of the MX5 Championship at Wake Field Park Raceway on February 14th
It goes to show that with the right leadership by his parents Russell and Annette also the
proper training with Tim from Bowral Mittagong Driving School
There is a long ladder for young champions to reach success in their
early years away from Alcohol, Cigarettes Drugs and the wrong company and yes
you may be thinking of it: hooligans showing off on the street because they think
they are important on their P's
Congratulations Andy Harris, this is a brilliant example of a young man using his brain  
Click the number 4 picture for the results of Wake Field Park Raceway on the 14th February