An example of the cost of driving lessons By Tim C

He cost of learning any task can be daunting time consuming and costly

                                Which of the above can you relate to

Usually a learner will take about 10 lessons and the test

The bonus of Tim helping you to succeed is that he will always

 give you extra time at no cost

Take a look at the male student who was 18 years old,

he broke the record as described above, the year was 2018

We will name him Larry,

Larry started learning 2018 and passed his driving test in 2019

He did not have any help from parents or friends

Larry completed 50 lessons and his driving test and paid $2620

Plus his licence booking and licence fee.

Also Tim provided extra time of 42 hours which should have cost Larry $2100

So if you get away with 10 lessons and get your licence being confident and

safe with knowing what you are doing with your decision skill then you should

be proud of your achievement